Thursday, December 6, 2012

up from Oak Street Beach
Points of View... 
Looking up. Or across. A POV can vary. I like that. I like looking for a different angle on everything. I am trying in real life to always do that as well. Sometimes it is not so simple as shifting your

Shots that may appear random sometimes are intentional.
I wanted the POV going up this ramp. It seemed a contradiction. Coming from a nice beach up into the haven of the Magnificent Mile in Chicago. Talk about a contrast. I love the fact that I captured some light and bent it a bit. It is always nice to have a natural bokeh. Bonus here was we were walking over to Lou Malnati's Pizza. Now that is pizza...I could soooo go for a pie. ;)

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  1. I like the limited amount of colors in this piece; works beautifully with the light. Love the feel of coming out from under and being set free. Great job shooting the incline.

  2. great shot, that's what a good lens does for you.. And I love the idea of trying to see the POV from both angles....I don't. I find it wastes time. Lol.


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