Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Familiar work...
Indianapolis Veteran's Memorial - Before Edit
It seems I cannot get away from scene creation.
No matter what I do! But I do love doing it so I am not complaining.
This is a school challenge I am in. Mind you, these are photographers not necessarily artists or whatever. Many of them do not like this type of editing but...some do.
The image was well enough received. I have one more I am going to submit but the day is almost over here - at least for me at work - so it will have to wait until tomorrow!
This is a before and after situation.

Another student/member/graduate took the initial photo.

It is fun...
Of course I enjoyed it. I had this one edit a little more over the top in my head so I kept it simple...LOL

Indianapolis Veteran's Memorial - After Edit - my version

I always do like to enter some sort of text or quote to a piece. I feel like it makes the viewer think a little bit more. Maybe?
Like the caption could be - 'who left on the sprinklers!?"

I did this quick so it is no where near perfect!

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  1. actually I lean more towards LESS text or quotes because it takes away from the context of the photo. I am amazed just what you did with the bottom one, swan, water and all. Fabulous work, Amy and I really believe it can be fun. (the editing part). And yes, the sprinklers in this case are too funny. Lol, I wonder what results you get for this one.

  2. This may seem odd, but what I like most is how you altered the perfect symmetry of the original photo. The placement of the clouds and the swan keep the scene from being equally balanced on both sides. I am not fond of perfectly symmetrical shots and I end up with them often. I have finally gotten so that I move the focus box around in my camera to avoid it from happening. It takes a lot of work in Photoshop to 'repair' a 'right down the middle' pic.

    You have completely transformed the mood of this photograph and made it your own. I especially like the waves in the foreground; totally unexpected. Style - you most certainly have it!


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