Monday, January 14, 2013

A narrow path
it seems there is a narrow path that appears before us in life. 
One we need to go down. Most of the time we go down this alone.
It can be daunting and a bit overwhelming. But we have to do it. By facing certain fears and being honest with yourself - that seems to narrow the path enormously. The fear amplifies the tightness of the space.

How do you do it? 
The feeling of 'one' is sometimes too powerful and we want to just quit.
But the path is still there. Calling.
This photo seems so stark and dismal. A long path to somewhere...

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  1. Good job with your description and insight. The scene looks cold and harsh with the hardness, cracks and sharp metal.

    It is wise to avoid some paths and some have to be taken whether you want to or not. I don't feel very introspective or perceptive today, just trying to put one foot in front of another down a path somewhat like you've shown, not particularly frightful, just not pretty.

  2. at my age I guess I can afford to say that I have gone down any path that was presented. Your introspection is almost scary. I personally love this photo - it has different meanings to everone. For me it's infinity with solitude combined. I love rain, cracks, bleankness. Thank God you are not too technical for poor little me.


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