Saturday, January 12, 2013

Something different...
On the track 1
Not my normal shots today. I actually went out with my camera with more of a purpose. Practicing a technique for the first time. I am fairly happy with the results for the most part. Of course I see areas where I need to improve but for the actual assignment - these fit the bill. I am just a bit more I will head to the track again on another day. Maybe a sunny day where the mud is not so prevalent as it was today.
I think it is fair to say what I captured is movement. Yes, there are areas that are blurred. That is intentional. But the subject for the most part is not. That is where I intend to improve - somehow.
Panning is a hard technique to get down. I never realized it until I thought about it and actually tried doing it for real.
I am not sure which one I like better of these two. Number 1 - shows a bit more tack sharp (haha - pun intended) on the horse and Number 2 shows more movement, I think.

On the track 2
The blurring of the legs is intentional. If I wanted, I could have just froze the action - that is pretty simple and something almost anyone can do with a decent camera. Next time I will do both to compare. I didn't think about it today. I was just glad to be out and shooting...The Number 2  horse was a bit frisky compared to the others on the track. Oh, and no racing. Just training/exercising. Once I get this technique down better (I have a way to go trust me!) I will go shoot the horses actually racing. I'll have my press pass by then and maybe I could get a better angle?

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  1. Love these photos. I get to enjoy your learning journey. Crazy about the blurred legs of the horses while the head and flowing mane remain in focus. Very cool. I can't imagine the steady hand it takes to accomplish this. Excellent work, my friend.


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