Friday, January 18, 2013

yes, it is me...
Curious things, masks are. Take them off and you feel a bit vulnerable.
I wear mine all the time almost. Proudly, or maybe just by habit.
Who are we underneath it all?

I feel very strongly that we can never really know just what lies beneath.

Not trusting the smile or feigned interest.
Is that being skeptical? Cynical?

But the masks linger on. Always.

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  1. ohhhhhhhh, I let Sharon go ahead and post on this......I am too intimidated right now, lol. Wow. Wow, Amy. It is positively 'different' and definitely makes people aware. Of you? of your mask on or off?

  2. I tend to have very strong first impressions of people. I guess if that impression is a mask and I am amiable to it, well then OK! Some folks I don't care to get to know beneath the mask. You, my dear, are always provocative.


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