Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ludlow Falls, Ohio
Controlling... this way you can control what you and the viewer see.
In reality I am just practicing some techniques I have never used. Ever.
I was always satisfied with my static, normal shots of scenes, buildings and of course those portraits of family and our pets.
This is different - a bit more challenging.
All of the sudden (well not really all the sudden) I have been working with the camera in a different way. Almost like a partner.
I am enjoying it.
These are shots where I am slowing the flow to our eyes. Not freezing the motion but slowing it while the rest of the scene is just as you would see it with your eyes. Being the first time ever doing this of course I am not motion capture is pretty good but the composition is lacking. (the little weed in the forefront on the first photo is just an example. It shouldn't be there! drat)

A couple notches too slow...
But this was not a shoot to capture the perfect shot. Just like my harness horse shots I took last week.

The purpose was to learn how to work with the camera to coax the water to slow down. I'll be back out there soon

Really? It was so cold and windy...and I could not get down to the level of the water to get the shot I wanted. There are more days ahead where I will get there. When I do, I will post it.
I am not posting to my school forum...these are not good enough! I thought I would post the faster photo here too. 

a faster speed to freeze the motion...
There is a difference in the first two vs the third one. In the last/third photo I am freezing the water/action/motion. Not slowing it. I am not sure I like that in this really is a bit too fast! 
There is just not enough in the composition of the photos. The weather was clear but it was far from nice! That makes a huge difference...I still learned a lot from today's shoot.
I am learning from other photogs that I am fortunate to have a spouse who enjoys traveling a ways to get just  a few shots. I do appreciate that.

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  1. I have always loved the slowed motion of a waterfall captured through the lens. My husband and I tried this last month. Just like yours, some were too slow. Sometimes you want the serene ambience, other times you want the bouncing, playful drops and splatters. Love that you have shown the full gamut here.

    Aw yes, weeds are a pain, but 'wildflowers' are beautiful. I think composition is dreadfully difficult. It can make or break an image despite technical/mechanical prowess.

    Keep on practicing. I love observing your progression and learning a thing or two.

  2. I will never learn and will just enjoy deciding which way I would personally go and that in this case will be the nr. 3 photo: all nature, with beautiful weeds and wildflowers in it's natural state. Life can be wonderful when seen from this angle. Keep going.


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