Monday, January 28, 2013

Getting back...
a girl's best friend...
Today I ran for the first time in many months. I used to run almost daily, then my knees seemed to complain a little so I took up biking.
I never went back to running. Instead I dove into biking almost 20 miles a day.
Then it slowed...we went away on a wonderful trip; life kept coming at me. From that point on I could never get back into that niche of those daily miles.
Sometime in December I quit 100%.
That is not good....
So this morning, I put on my running shoes and ran.
In the pouring rain.

Then I walked until I felt I was too wet. Like a soaked dog.
But it felt pretty good...
So of course I had to shoot my shoes after I shed them.

I am back...

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  1. Good for you, girlfriend!!! Running in the rain, what a way to rejuvenate and 'cleanse'. Hope the knees didn't complain too much. Mix up your workouts. I'm finding I need to at least try different programs on the treadmill and, whoa, what a difference. I think today, I'll give the bike a whirl and do a tiny bit of weight training.

    I absolutely love your photograph. Love the tone, the worn and faded edges and the logo. The perceived simplicity of it all has great impact and room for interpretation.

    Have a good one.......

  2. Sharon's comments are always awe inspiring and I feel the same way but have no idea how to express it. Also because perhaps I look at a picture from a non-photographer's angle. Just love how the laces are falling down and the casual discarded look of it.


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