Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wrigley Building, Chicago
I keep going back to my photos of this building.
Anyone who knows me, knows this is my favorite in Chicago. Well, I have lots of favorites... but this one I walked by everyday and took note.

Impressive and beautiful and yet stark in it's nature too. 
Business-like but with a flair.
A touch of icing.
Yeah, it's the Wrigley Building from the side, walking down to the river. 
Amazing how things look different when looked at from a different point of view. I can relate.

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  1. I am crazy about all of the architectural detail in Chicago and I love that you were so struck by this one building. After I went to Graceland in 2010, it was all I could think about. So many different lines of thought can come from one thing if you are totally enthralled by it.

    Love the black and white and the strong uncompromising, powerful lines of your photo.

    I agree with you that a new point of view is more often in the brain than in a new physical space.

    Bravo, my friend!

  2. I really wished that I could be as expressive with comments as Sharon but I am afraid I am totally ignorant about photography. All I can say is that I like the angle and in this case it is awesome, Amy.


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