Thursday, February 21, 2013

a beautiful capture
A memory...
This is a gorgeous photo (taken with film I believe) that my Uncle Bob took in 2009.
Sadly, he passed away right after the blizzard in Boston a week ago.
He was out snow blowing. He was only 69 years old.
My Aunt Nancy is in shock still. They had just recently retired. Another aunt and uncle were visiting there by chance when it happened. The other Aunt tried CPR with no luck.

Uncle Bob was a quiet person. I remember going to their wedding when I was very young.
Over the years I came to know him a little better. He was a very smart person - and always kind. We talked photography because he was always taking photos and I have always been interested in the art/hobby. He had several large plotters and did most of his own printing. That alone is intriguing!
Just this past July they were here at my home for the 4th of July party that we host. Both of them enjoyed it and still were talking about it just a few months ago.

I liked his style. His photographs are classic and he was very talented.
I had hoped to be somewhat mentored by him; following his lead in a way. 
When I asked him if he ever sold any of his work he gave me a quizzical look and said, 
I didn't quite understand that because if you look through his photos you undoubtedly will find at least one or more that you would proudly own.
He had it right. Photography isn't about making money or winning awards.
We all love to do that.
Being able to work the camera and/or film into something magnificent to look at is really what it is all about.
I feel that way.
It really is just like creating a piece of yourself. What you see. What you experienced.
Yes. I have always been - just shooting for me.

I am happy to say that my Aunt thought I would like to have the above photo. It was brought home on the plane from Boston; a beautifully printed large photo of the water wheel. (They knew I was playing with water in my photos recently). I am having it framed. @ 24" x 18" it will fit perfect in my living room. A memory to keep.
Thank you Uncle Bob.


  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. It's wonderful that you had the connection through photography. This piece is artistic through and through. I know you will cherish it for a multitude of reasons. I'd put this one on my wall. It has tremendous character.

  2. I love the impact of the vivid red here, it's a great picture and I know you are going to treasure it. Would he have used any editing software with the water? it looks like icecream right towards the front. I am sorry about your loss and I know it's been said many times but he really was too young.


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