Monday, February 25, 2013

yes, it is almost Spring
Up and down...
...the hills - rocks and all those trails.We went out for a fairly long hike yesterday and I learned some things and got some decent shots while out there. We visit this small town all the time. I knew there was a nature reserve there. We just never went into it. We went to the other points of interest instead like fairs and the other park in the area.

I was warming up to the idea of hiking and photography things so this was perfect. At least it was sunny and hard to believe - warm.

This seemed to amaze me. The green everywhere. It was all brown and grey throughout the reserve with the exception of the green moss and growth - everywhere. It was sort of surreal; as if in some medieval forest.

the Yellow Springs
Then we came across the 'springs.' The town's name is Yellow Springs and apparently this is where the name originated. Ha. Looks more like 'rusty springs' to me. But this shot was cool. The color is real. No altering. Actually no altering at all in photoshop. I didn't slow the water quite enough I think but there was not a lot of water can see the green in this too.
Can you believe things are growing? In this February cold? It has not been warm here all month so on a closer examination I could see this little red growth springing up from the moss. Springing. Yes. is coming.

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  1. Sounds like a fascinating place and a rewarding outing. Mother nature certainly provides magnificent subject matter if the eyes are willing to see. You are seeing beautifully through your camera lens. Absolutely love your interpretations. Makes me want to get outside and get some fresh air to clear the cobwebs. That delicate new growth is expertly captured. Enjoyable as always!!!

    Thanks, girlfriend.

  2. I am intrigued by the rusty looking rocks but maybe the water contains a lot of iron and that's what is changing the color? hmmmm. Love the shot of course and admire your intensity at everything - even the moss and the little red shoots. Can't wait to go outside.


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