Thursday, February 28, 2013

Full Moon - Feb 25, 2013
out there.
Don't you sometimes feel you are just a small speck?
Of course we are. Many times we put off that we are way bigger than we really are. It can be a humbling thing to look at the moon.

Shooting the moon. It is pretty easy actually. I was going to try for a different shot other than this simple moon but the time got away from me that night so...I was stuck with a solid sphere.

When I look into space it gives me a feeling on isolation. Of a certain darkness. It also is an amazing thing. There are so many ways to look at it.

Somewhere. Sometimes. We are just....out there.

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  1. When I look at the moon like this, I feel like a tiny speck and at times like this, I think, how could a tiny speck have so many issues to deal with. I can only come away with the thought that every single creature has their problems and they all weigh as heavily on each and every one of us. Your shot also reminds me to take a few seconds to absorb the beauty around us. A 'simple' photo that has gigantic impact, if you let it.

  2. how lovely, my dear friend. Your words touched me deeply - you expressed it beautifully and I love the simplicity here. Actually it's outstanding with the moon and nothing else around it to distract. It makes you more 'aware'. It teaches humility if the soul is accessible.


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