Saturday, March 9, 2013

It is when you are not expecting it.
Something catches your eye.
I was going through the room and glanced outside the window. I saw something in the back of my yard, in the pampas grass.
I grabbed the camera and went out there.
I got very close to this Red-Tailed Hawk. He seemed a bit annoyed with me as he was so intent on whatever was down in this grass.
I got about five feet from him and started focusing and taking shots. I still used my long telephoto lens and because it was sunny I was able to hand hold this and get a nice result. He is pretty clear. Even if he thought he was well hidden, I knew better. If you pay attention you might be pleasantly surprised with what you see.
As it turns out - this hawk was watching a rabbit in the grass there. I shoo'd him off. I don't think he appreciated that too much. I think the rabbit did...

snow day

With the weather being so fickle I haven't been able to get out too much this past week. We had 5 inches of snow on Wednesday and I managed to go out early and hike through some of it. I wasn't pleased with most of the shots. There were no scenic mountains or glazed over lakes to reflect off of. No sun to cause some play with the light. Oh well...believe it or not this snow scene is the area right in front of where the hawk was waiting. My fence is just to the right of this sign! This was the view only 48 hours after I took the shot of the hawk. Yeah, the weather is super fickle...

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  1. love the winter shots even though they represent 'cold', but it's so pristine and of course I really have a 'thing' about birds of prey. They are just sooooo majestic and beautiful. Great posting, dear friend.


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