Monday, March 11, 2013

Looking from all sides...
Old Shop @ Clifton Mill
We went hiking yesterday. Actually I wanted to go to this old mill to snag some water shots. I am looking for that perfect image I guess. I was disappointed though because the property was not up to par. I am sure in the next few months it will get better. For now? I couldn't get to a good point to shoot the water running down from the mill. I got some shots but with junk, poles - lots of limbs and Christmas lights in them. Not happy.
So you have to look at things from all sides I guess.
We did end up hiking through the Gorge and I did get some nice water shots. It wasn't what I went for - nor was I looking for it.
In the end it was good. I saw beautiful rock formations and will post some here soon. The area and my photos of it remind me of a primeval forest. Lots of moss. Lots of gnarley roots in trees. And many, many rock formations that cause you to stop and look.
This is an old store. I love the look - all those original signs and worn out roofing. I have been trying to post real shots - without too much of my own interpretation but this screamed to be edited!

Now if the place would just get their act together and get the water mill running I will come back and shoot some more.

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  1. what a great shot, reminding me of the Old West or some place in Arizona. Love the editing you did here.

  2. Oh wow, this place is my cup of tea. What a gem! I love your processing; makes the color and medley of textures pop. You've shown the true character of this down to earth destination. Good grief, what a sight!!!!


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