Wednesday, March 13, 2013

the Cascades @ Glen Helen
Learn the rules like a Pro... you can break them like an Artist. (Pablo Picasso)

This is sort of my mantra. It really holds true to so many things.

This works across all aspects; lighting. exposure. motion and speed...
I am an artist by trade and I felt one of the best ways to illustrate how to break a rule like an artist are these shots I took a few days ago.

Steamboat Rock @ Clifton Gorge
If you look you see the water - moving. But it is moving not in the way that our eyes see it and yet, all of the static, non-moving parts of the photograph is perfectly in focus. Just as if we were viewing.

By knowing the rules, and how to break them I am able to create a piece that is not what we see. And yet, it still represents what we see.

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  1. I love your thoughts on the rules. If we all understood them and were able to execute them, everyone's work would look good, but without distinction. There's probably a difference in shooting and processing depending on your goal. Are you doing this for someone else or to preserve your own memories and emotional reactions? Style is a difficult thing to define. I think it can only be identifiable when you are directed by your own passions.

    Your shots are all striking. I love that they are not as my eyes would see the scenes, but as my brain would interpret; action, strong but soothing and a combination of hard and soft. Very refreshing.

    Great discussion and examples. Most definitely appreciate it!

  2. I don't have a clue what is what, but I love the shots and don't care about the rules, but then again I am neither a photographer nor even aspiring to be one. You are right: everyone these days is into photography though or call themself a photographer. We just have to learn how to distinguish between the great and/or what we personally love seeing and how we interpret it. I found the same with art: it's all how your soul responds to it.


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