Friday, March 22, 2013

view from the El - Yes, I can take straight building photos :D
If you have read much of my blog you know several things about me - other than being somewhat opinionated! (with kindness in mind)
I am an artist and of course I love to draw and create pieces. 
Mostly I do dog art.
I love to take photos. And I love to create pieces from my photos. Whether they be spot-on realistic and true - to plain ole creative and interesting.
I also love Urban spaces. As I said in one of my very first posts, I have discovered I love the urban style. Love walking down those busy streets with tall buildings. The more the better.
I enjoy the ride on a clankety subway. Some how that brings a thrill to the day.
So. Now that I have said all that what are the thoughts?

Keep it in Perspective. Aptly named blog heh?

Wrigley Bldg @ night
When shooting buildings you can get two perspectives or better put, two different 'looks.' In the image next to this paragraph - I just happen to like the look of the buildings leaning in. 
Even though I know - that it might be breaking the rules.

So what do I do? I present two looks. Which do you like better?

Ah...that depends on what you are wanting to see.

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  1. I know and learnt one thing right now from your journaling and that is that we all have our very own style of explaining how we feel about our 'art' it art or not. Who am I to judge what I produce and yet some might call it art. I just call it 'messing around' and having fun but lol, I can see you are having fun. I still like the Wrigley building and the leaning or falling into the scene. Yeah, perspective.


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