Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Life is a...
compromise sometimes.
Just like photography.
You trade one thing for another...or you get what you want in an image by changing things around. 
It is too often where we are never satisfied with the status quo...
I was trying to snatch my squirrel "Whitey" as she came to get some peanuts this morning. She sure is a quick one!  
I have actually had her take peanuts from my hand.
I think she did not feel like being photographed today; I guess it isn't really her best side. ;)

They all seemed to not appreciate the paparazzi today.

I shot at a bit higher ISO than I usually do...I can see a compromise is in play here...switching back - and slowing the shutter some will help. 
Getting the proper exposure is all about compromise.
You just need to find where you need to change this! And it changes with every shot prepared.
I am shooting in 100% all manual mode (focus/shutter/aperture/exposure,etc) so occasionally I miss what I am after. 
It is an experience to say the least and I am a bit frustrated at times. 
The result is - I am actually conquering it all so I am happy with that.
Now...if I could only be as happy with my favorite lens. It is a bit soft. 
But I always go back to it. I have better ones - but they lack that ability to go in or out as well.
Ah...a compromise.
Or a trip to the store and lighten the wallet by quite a bit.
No....I am going to compromise for now. Keep learning - which I am, and keep shooting.  

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  1. I can't even begin to imagine shooting in complete manual mode; too doggone many variables!!! I will fiddle with aperature, program and shutter speed, but today's cameras are very smart, I will let them take care of the rest. I look forward to seeing your progress.

    I am impressed with your desire to learn more and more.................

    Your 'Whitey' is adorable.

  2. and of course, I am totally not getting any of it. Good for you that you have the drive to want to keep learning. Keep posting your progress and we keep checking on you. Whitey has a nice butt!


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