Saturday, February 9, 2013

For Spring. 
Spring Blooms!
Visiting the conservatory and seeing - and smelling all the beautiful spring flowers makes me want the winter to go away.
I went down to the conservatory today to mainly photograph the waterfall in the center room. Oh I have photographed it before but never with any special intentions...I wanted to shoot the water again with a better view. And being indoors it was nice.

I also captured these orchids too. The whole place was full of people - wanting some of the same respite from all the cold and grey. Too much colors in the flowers.
so...this was a way to capture Spring - just early.

another one!

I almost forgot to add a photo of the whole reason we went to the Conservatory! The running water. LOL
Seriously, this is a nice, calming place. Totally green and lush with plants from other continents...and of course the waterfall. I was aiming to slow the water...but keep everything else as it was. Silky smooth is exactly as I planned...

just one of many...

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  1. Some gorgeous scenery here! A marvelous place to practice your technique. Your shot of the purple orchid knocks my socks off. I was drawn to it right away. Also great work slowing the falls. Slows the heartbeat right along with it.

    Thanks for the refreshment. B E A U T I F U L.

  2. my favorite is the purple orchid, of course. I love real, not glassy, not slowing....but I appreciate the ability to produce these photos and they are making me long to start visiting even a simple greenhouse. Buy flowers, buy plants....
    lovely reminder of spring to come.


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