Friday, May 10, 2013

Different perspective...
 ...sometimes when we go out we don't always have a destination. Not initially.

If you just wander around many times you will miss out on things that you might regret. I am sort of corny in this way. I think many times with just a little effort, the research does pay off. 
You can take from the experience only as much as you actually put into it.
It is hard for me to explain exactly what I mean so I will just leave it.
All this "Zen" study is spilling over into my words and thoughts. But it should, right?

Last weekend during one of the times when we set out for the day, we ended up in the National Museum of the Air Force. @WPAFB. (after eating lunch and sorting through what options we had)

I have been there many times. It is a fantastic and FREE place to visit. Everything aviation to space can be found there. The grounds are beautiful - maybe not in the best area of town, but it is a gem. Kids and adults are drawn into the history - from the very beginning of flight with the Wright Brothers (who were born in the city) to WWI - to the Holocaust - the WWII planes and the "Fat Boy" atomic bomb. (Bockscar aircraft) These are all here, including the Hanoi Taxi... Amazing. 

To learn more in depth, just visit the official site @

B-18A (0.3sec; f/3.5; ISO 100 Manual - 18.0mm)
My view or plan for the day was to walk through and photograph some planes. 

Um, hello... It is almost pitch black inside the museum! Yes, lights shine on the aircraft to highlight them and it is done well. But photos? Well....I rarely use a flash...and I did not take external lights with me. (I am just not there yet! LOL)
So this is what I was able to get. NO flash - nada. Just me and my camera working to capture a shot.
In the dark.

If I had tried to shoot this without changing settings or using a monopod/tripod this image would have been 1) so dark it would not be viewable or 2) way out of focus. Really out of focus!

Before I went into the museum we walked through Valor Park. 
I love the name - and honestly it is beautiful for what it stands for. Many memorials to different units of the AF and the people who served. 
This is a must see place for anyone. Visiting or living close by.

WWII Memorial (1/500sec; f/3.5; ISO100; Manual; 27.0mm)

The shot here is just the opposite from the plane above. It is almost over-exposed, with too much natural light. Intentionally. I wanted the effect of the buildings in the back to be sort of washed out. I chose this dog-tag memorial because it was just striking and I felt it was right.

After our long trek through the eras of flight we drove down the road to a local lake. I thought I could get some calm, water photos. Ha. There were APBA boat races/testing going on! How interesting a contrast each venue was and through the process I always learn a little more, looking through the lens.

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  1. I sat back and thought about the idea of when we go out and not always having a destination in mind. So true for me. My husband is the organizer and PLANS bigtime and when we go on a trip, we go according to his plans but then I meander. I need to explore and go without plans and thinking and that's the part I love most. You did great, both with your photos and exposure. Love your text here too.

  2. We had the same experience when we visited the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. I am totally amazed that you got this wonderful shot without extra lighting. When it looks this good, it must have been easy and conditions just right, huh? Haha! I am envious of your technical skills and as always, my senses appreciate your complete vision. Happy Holidays, my friend.


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