Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Simple pleasure
Upper Falls @ Hocking Hills State Park

This is a most peaceful setting isn't it? 
Almost from another place or rather time.
Sometimes when I go hiking I run across venues that just breathe tranquility. 
I think this is one of them. I cannot take credit for any of it though. 
It wasn't by happenstance, it was intentional.

Day trips can provide those opportunities to capture these moments. A few hours drive and there you are. I make it a common practice to do this. You can see so much this way. It is just a part of who I am.

Actually I knew this scene is what I wanted to photograph, not just another snapshot. After driving to the park where there were dozens of photo opps, we stopped first to grab some literature and then headed into the nearest town to eat some lunch. While dining I looked through all the maps, etc. and chose two places to visit in the huge park - well known park and well visited. 
- Planning is key when hiking with purpose. I couldn't imagine just meandering or doing this half-hearted. You might even get hurt of lost if you do not know where you are going!

So off we went - - hiking through the trails monopod and camera in tow. Good thing too. It was darker at the bottom of some of the areas and a handheld shot with my camera would not work so well.
Finally towards the end - we came upon these falls; what I was looking for. 
It was right there waiting on me.

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