Wednesday, June 12, 2013


... apparently into infinity. The future? Nowhere?

I might be odd but I choose to photograph items that are not normally the obvious choice to photograph. Sometimes there is a deeper meaning to things. 
Sometimes, it just is an image I want to capture.

I like the focus on this how it is very clear, very close to me.
Like in life I suppose. The farther away something might be - the less able we are to see it. My lines are leading the viewer to think something just might be there; but there is no past and no future 
except in our mind. 

"There is nothing but self, and self always is here, present. It’s not hidden. We’re racing around like mad trying to find something called self, this wonderful hidden self. Where is it hidden? We hope for something that’s going to take care of this little self because we don’t realize that already we are self."

In the end this is just a shot that could mean so many different things or absolutely nothing. 
Maybe that is why I find it intriguing.

"What we call the self is no more than a series of thoughts that we’re attached to. When we’re engrossed in our small selves, reality—the basic energy of the universe—is hardly noticed at all."


  1. yes, I love this though it's kind of scary...not sure why but it reminds me of 'nowhere'....kind of without end...

  2. I am completely enjoying your experiments with focus. To me, being able to see and study every detail does not necessarily make something more appealing. I like when some things are left to the imagination, like here. Love the soft glow here.


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