Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Bloom @ Smith Gardens

So much of the time we as humans just get so busy and caught up in things.
Caught up mostly in 'ourselves.'
With just a bit of quiet reflection maybe we won't be so nasty. Maybe we might not think that the world is revolving about our wants. Our thoughts. 
The "I want" is always present in humans. It takes a lot of work to release that. To become available in more ways than one to others around us.

I wanted to blog on something else but time, as always, just gets away from me. Maybe tomorrow? After all it is just my thoughts and I am nowhere near the center of any universe!

Zen philosophy teaches some of this. Of course I am not an expert and in no way am I putting it out there.
Just reflect. Be in the present. There is no past and no future. There is no hope. Only today, this moment. The present. Feel it. Experience it.

Oh well...maybe tomorrow I will blog about what I really wanted to say!

"There’s a killer shark in everybody. And the killer shark is unexperienced fear. Your way of covering it up is to look so nice and do so much and be so wonderful that nobody can possibly see who you really are—which is someone who is scared to death." - Beck, Charlotte J.; Smith, Steven A. (2009-03-11). Nothing Special


  1. deep thinking, though I do have hope - for life. Though you are right: there is no future, especially not if we go on the way we are going. Your photo is lovely. (sorry, I am keeping it short because I don't even have time to email you! Hugs.

  2. Wow, you really isolated the flower and it's fine details. Love how the purity of the white jumps out of the blurred background. I truly enjoy the simplicity of images like this; something to stare at and lose yourself in. Great photo to go with your thoughts. I am trying hard to live in the moment these days.


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