Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stones as a remembrance
Quick thoughts...
It seems it has been forever since I posted anything here in this blog.
Life. It just sort of takes over.
Organizing. Thinking. Trying to finish projects and have time to reflect or relax.
As I was organizing my photos for an upcoming project I revisited some images I took in September 2012. I don't know why I never really looked closely at this one. I do like the angle and the hint of the view beyond. I suppose you could attach more meaning to that statement...

Stones. Lined up to say, hello? To give honor or respect? Just to say, 

"I am thinking of you." 
I find this tradition of leaving stones, or even a piece of the earth on a grave to be very important and touching. To me it has more meaning than simply placing flowers.

This is beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah GA. I know I have posted some photos before. 
I have so many I could publish a book.
The cemetery is serene and it is immense in size. With the flowing moss- hung trees and a warm southern breeze, it just makes a wonderful place to sit and just think. Meditate; or sit as in Zen practice. 

I definitely could see doing that.

"Practice has to be a process of endless disappointment. We have to see that everything we demand (and even get) eventually disappoints us. This discovery is our teacher." Beck, Charlotte J.; Smith, Steven A. (2009-03-11). Nothing Special


  1. I love cemetery photos and I love visiting the old ones. I even went to the one in iran where they bury their dead in are right about leaving some earth on a grave, or stones.

  2. Oh, you know how much I am intrigued by old cemeteries. This shot has tremendous character with it's strong lines and subject matter. The stones are fascinating. I once saw eggplant left around a grave. All very interesting. So much room for interpretation with this capture. Love the texture of the old stone against the softened background. Really, really like this one. It grabs me.........


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