Sunday, September 16, 2012

Down Michigan Avenue; Chicago IL
Through the Haze...
Just a simple shot. Lots of effect though.

I believe we were walking down Michigan Avenue towards the Museum Campus Area....past Millennium Park - right after a quick lunch at a popular place...COSI. Good flat breads! 

It wasn't too early so the sun sort of helped this shot out a bit.
I didn't have to work the photo much to achieve this look either.

I like the contrast in this shot. One thing I do look for is contrast.
They are also everywhere in life...

Just another POV.

Chicago @ Night - 4 Styles

Speaking of Contrasts...
We walked this path everyday. Our hotel was in this area.
We were walking back in the evening and I quickly snapped this shot.
The Trump building was magnificent - wouldn't expect less...but I was struck by the two different looks with the curved portion of the building attached to the tall tower. Very impressive.

Then you have the gorgeous Wrigley Building (my favorite!) with the elegant style and the other tall, straight tower. (I don't have a name for that building...I do know there is a market inside)

All together in such a tight space...all different in styles.
A real contrast.


  1. Beautiful misty shot of the lamppost! I love anything that can be considered moody. I agree, contrast makes things pop; in the eye and in the brain. That's why I enjoyed my little jaunt to Deep Ellum with my husband. The day was entirely about contrast. Suburbia can get so boring.........................

  2. I do love the lampost photo. Probably my favorite so far from what I have seen.


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