Monday, September 17, 2012

More on the "El"...
The Brown Line to Kimball
or simply, the L.

I love trains. Love the grunge of the metal. The sound of the tracks reverberating or whatever you may call that noise.
In a large city trains like this are invaluable. I can see that.

Normally I drive everywhere or walk. But riding this sort of transportation has value and I could see the people taking the trains - needed them.

This elevated system added so much to the area, the city.
I think it gave it a certain character.

At least it did to me.

Metra in Chicago

A Different Look... 
Then there is the Metra.

Walking through the park, close to the Buckingham Fountain we crossed a bridge with these trains below. I believe it was Congress Street. I couldn't resist snapping some photos of these and then bringing them in to have fun.

That's what shooting photos is all about. For me anyway. 
I think this look gives a special feeling to the viewer when you look at it.


  1. Very cool picture :) I like the look and feel too.

  2. I love LOVE trains and I call it rut'a'tut'tut, whatever they do.....though the new ones are too quiet. Actually I can sleep on a train, no problem. The rut'at'tut is just like Arabella's purring - it puts me to sleep. Love your thoughts on it.


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