Saturday, September 15, 2012

In Retrospect...
Inside the Red Line
The lines draw us down to the end of the passage in this POV.
I was working with the photo and felt a sense of being alone.
Sort of like the person in this image is. Alone, waiting.

It parallels the thought that we all are really alone. Always. And some of us are always waiting.
Does the one thing you are looking for ever arrive?
Like this person, waiting. Waiting on a train to get to that 'one thing.'

To me the secret is defining that 'one thing.'
Get that down and you are on your way....just like this train.

"Seconds, hours, so many days... You know what you want but how long can you wait? Every moment lasts forever - When you feel you've lost your way..."

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  1. I totally feel this and it reverberates tremendously. Great thinking, I just love how you expressed the feeling of waiting and being alone. If it helps a little, I actually enjoy being alone most of the time. Probably because I don't feel lonely.


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