Friday, September 14, 2012

Inside the "El" in Chicago
In Contrast...
Seeing such different venues brings so much to mind.
From elegant lines with sweeping rails to stark metallic lines with more rigid feels.
Riding the 'El' in Chicago is actually a fun experience for a visitor. 
Maybe having to take the train everyday wouldn't be as interesting nor pleasant.
I guess I enjoyed it for what it was.

Inside the Field Museum, Chicago
We took the Red Line to Wrigley Field and just walked around.
Later in the day we took one of the lines all the way to the end - to just do it. 

The museums and other buildings in the city offer that certain contrast to the metallic and urban grunge. 
Different lines - elegant and Romanesque, drawing inspiration from Neoclassical architecture in design; or rather the Beaux-Arts style.
Marble versus steel...

Savannah GA
Other Focus...
In Savannah the lines are a bit different. But even though I found so much grace and elegance there, I still could pull out some of the more stark and urbane feeling in the city.

Line after line of beautiful homes with elaborate ornament surrounding them. It is a beautiful sight.

A city with squares of green and bronze - fauna and sculpture.
Very common and a nice respite for weary walkers. 

Savannah GA

The two different looks here are just a beginning of the variations in the architecture in the city.

Many of the sweeping stairways are adorned with 
plant life and blooms. I didn't catch the blooms at this time but there was no shortage of greenery. That was something that impressed me the most.
It added to the charm and kept me can take you back in time...


  1. Yes, I agree, it's all about the lines. To me, they draw the eye and if you stare long enough, they expand the imagination. I can start by admiring the 'lines' and end up wondering about the people who have experienced the places in the past and contemplating what their lives were like.

    I see your photo of the el train and I start to feel motion sick. If I never ride that thing again, it will be a good thing. Haven't been on it since I was a kid, thank goodness.

    Enjoy your adventures, friend.

  2. and I love love the South. Maybe it replaces some of what I miss so terribly, but I am sure if I lived in the South I would feel less homesick. Love your doorways, the steps of course, even the EL.....though the only time I used something similar was in France and traversing from England to Germany. Wonderful photos, thank you. I am reliving the South.


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