Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Always looking...
...for something.
Chicago Sky @ dusk - 95 floors up
To look outward; to find what you might not have seen before.
Or just looking. For simple enjoyment.
You can take a POV and interpret it into whatever your mind wants to see.
That is how I see it anyway.
Sometimes the thoughts that run through your brain should just stay there. 
Not to be revealed. That will give you a calmness.
Almost an enigma for you the individual to sort through. In time.

When I look out through this photo that is what comes to my mind.
A wide expanse. A broad vista which can lend to the imagination whatever the viewer might wish.

It just is something that makes you pause.


  1. great view when enlarged. I clicked and it's awesome. It also reminds me how easy the grid is in North America....makes driving really easy compared to the grid in European cities. No such thing, lol.

  2. I have many thoughts that stay put inside my brain! When I look at this shot, I feel like we are all tiny little ants scurrying around. Makes me want to go home where I have some relevance. I can see at other times my interpretation would vary. That is what I love about a good photograph. Have a good one!


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