Monday, October 8, 2012

Changing colors... 
Autumn @ Caesar Creek Lake
Autumn is an interesting time of year - the changing of colors.
It depends where you are and what time of day as to whether you will snag that special shot of color.
We visit this area all the time. I think I have enough shots of the lake and roads - and trees.
My inspiration in part for the work on this photo is a favorite technique of mine - impressionism, well lightly. I love the different works of those masters. And many times when I actually am painting a painting I will use that style.
For now it is turning colder so I thought I would just re-visit the colors of Fall.
I just dread the cold and the snow.


  1. Magnificent photo, once again!!! Everything works perfectly together, down to the curving yellow lines on the road. Especially love the fenceposts at the bend and the large barren branch crossing overhead. Landscape doesn't get much better than this.

    Painting in Photoshop still makes me jittery, but I like the practice. I think autumn shots really lend themselves to it, like this. Fine, fine work.

  2. looking at this fabulous scenery makes me thankful that we have seasons now and changing of leaves and new life later in spring. I have lived so many years without seasons and even though I hate winter, I rather have all of this to enjoy. Beautiful, Amy.


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