Sunday, October 7, 2012

Just fun...
River Boats on the Chicago River
I have so many photos. So many from year to year to go through and so many from just recently. It is hard to decide which ones to post or to work.
I like these two - they are a little different and give me a nice feeling.
Love the boats.
Boats everywhere on the Chicago River. Hustling and bustling for sure.

People going out on tours or just out to enjoy the day and weather. It was definitely nice.
And clean. The area was very clean and relaxing. It is a good place to sit down and read or enjoy a snack.
And just watch. That is always fun. Interesting too.

Under the Wabash Bridge

Between the trains, boats and beautiful architecture how could you not enjoy the view? Bridges are just another component. What a super subject to photograph.

Chicago has so many different types of bridges.
Just walking under them and of course on them is a treat.

You can barely see the "Corn Cobs' beyond this. (Marina City) Such diverse styles! Intriguing.


  1. Just love the boats coming at you under the bridge. Great shooting; sincerely appreciated. So wonderful to hear how clean downtown is. Wasn't always that way, but seems to have been this way for quite awhile. Your pics are inspiring.

  2. funny that you mention about sorting through photos, haha. I am doing the same since I started the blog and I guess some photos lend themselves to thinking and some maybe not. Not sure but I am sure learning more about Chicago walking along with you. I enjoy reading your approach to these shots.


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