Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Ridgeline -1
I was talking with a friend who is so talented with working her photos and it came to mind that I do the same things she does. We bring up a photo and work it a certain way...then sometimes we decide to go another route with it.
I sort of did this with these two photos. There are not a lot of differences but that sometimes is what is interesting.

You can change subtle things and get a whole new climate on the image.
I am not sure...which one I like better.
One with a brighter sky? Or one with a toned-down look to maybe accentuate the vehicle more?
It is a small difference but it changes the whole feel.

My Ridgeline - 2

What do you think?? I am at a loss; I happen to like them both!
I think I need to go in and work #1 just a bit always.

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  1. My gut reaction is I favor the pic with the bright sky and the highlights of the clouds. I think it sets off the truck nicely. It all depends what mood you are trying to portray.

    I find that everyone seems to like a colorful and contrasty image more than a faded subdued one. I really believe it has to do with viewing photographs on screen versus paper. I try a more muted or worn look because that's the character I want and often, it doesn't go over that well online, but presents better in print. We can't be bright all of the time!!!

    LOVE seeing your alternatives, I really do!

  2. I like No. 1...but I am not an expert with photos and have no idea. Sharon might be right but for a simple eye or view I love nr. 1, but that's just me. Maybe it would be an idea to ask a male like Mike and see what they say? MP ? a man tends to look at the car more than the sky, lol.


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