Friday, November 2, 2012

Forsyth Park, Savannah GA
to crop, or not to crop.
That is the question...
Many times a good photo can be a better one by cropping.
It is always my first inclination to leave 'everything' there for the viewer when maybe I should narrow the POV down.
Here is one from Savannah. Oh my, I miss seeing those gorgeous trees.
This is in Forsyth Park. Just walking...
I have two versions. One with the path, one without.

Forsyth Park (2), Savannah GA

In this full photo (what I shot through my lens) the emphasis is in a different place. 
I also worked the cropped photo more. Bringing the trees out some.
I can still do this with the full photo but I don't think it would make the same statement.
In the end, does it come down to personal preference?
I guess it is up to the viewer.

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  1. I have the same problem at times and have no idea which one is 'better' though I guess I like the one with the path more. Not sure but I have a 'thing' about path (as well as other things like windows and doors, hehe.....)...anyway, yes, the path makes one think of walking and having an aim or a goal - on the other hand the larger one with just the beauty of the trees makes you want to run back there and spend time 'smelling the roses'. (see my blog today, haha). xox

  2. I adore both versions. I find cropping a difficult but often necessary task. Your uncropped pic has the appealing curve of the path, whereas the cropped one accentuates the points of the fence pickets more. Engaging in both forms. If you have to choose, I guess your intended use would be the deciding factor. Those trees with the moss are incredible.


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