Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inside the Red Line
Riding the "eL"...
I had an interest in these trains. It is something pretty ordinary I suppose but the details about it all were intriguing. It seemed to be a very efficient system.
I was also surprised that it was clean. And the people seemed to just go about their everyday business. And quickly; almost second nature.
So I guess it is a good thing.
Getting from point A to point B.

It worked for me...

Under the eL

Just seeing the works...
this is life in motion.
Coming and going.
All day. 
I could feel the surge of energy walking through the city where the Loop went through.
I decided we would go up and take a ride around the city. We ended up going all the way to Midway - and back.
I actually liked it...  

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  1. Nice job of exposing the detail in these huge tracks. I love looking at the structure and the trains, but riding them is a different story! I might be willing to give it another shot, albeit a short one. The detail and color, along with a personal story can make everyday things provocative.

  2. I marvel at what is going on in your head. You must be thinking the entire time you are awake about anything that crosses your path, haha......Love trains and especially their rumbling belly noises and really enjoyed going from A to B when living in England or in France. It makes you feel that you are actually going places....Love the shots.....


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