Sunday, November 4, 2012

Union Terminal, Cincinnati, OH
In the Details...
Lines and curves. Arches and elaborate and sensuous style.
I love visiting this icon of a building...the Cincinnati Museum.
Union Terminal...built (or rather finished) in 1931.
The inside is totally amazing...from the front this building looks out to the busy downtown.
Home to a wonderful collection of the cities history and host to special exhibits. This is also where you go to when you need to catch a train...going is home to the AmTrak terminal...I'll show more another day. I just got in and couldn't wait to see what I captured.

Charleston, SC

...more details but totally different style!
This is down a Charleston street.
Very different in the details but just as pleasing as the Art Deco building.
The style and color draws me in.
Quaint lamposts line the street..
I love looking at the details; the brick in this shot is a plus.

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  1. I too, love architectural details. The sum of the details is the impression you are left with as a whole. In both of these pics, you have left us with the character and personality of these buildings. They are more than just structures they have ambience. If they could talk, they could tell us innumerable stories to touch our souls. Gorgeous presentation!!!

  2. we all know that I would opt for the old of course. Love Charleston and this shot is unique in as it shows the old brick....probably dating back to when the building was originally started. Love it.


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