Monday, November 5, 2012

Saigon Market on Essen
Walking through a market gives you a slight taste of diversity. Slight.
I caught this storefront in the camera - with the street sign in it. I simply had to laugh at it...being in the German district. Next to a Vietnamese about diverse!
There was a new Vietnamese Restaurant across the street from the market - we didn't eat there on this day. We ended up doing Mexican...we will try the new place eventually. I do like the Bun...

Looking Up...
...the street from the market into the hills of Cincinnati. It was pretty nice out for November and you can see some of the trees still were holding onto their leaves. 

Up Findlay Street
I honestly like walking through neighborhoods like this; my husband doesn't - not quite like I do but I am looking at different things. The buildings are run down for the most part here but they are so much more interesting sometimes. There is character there, even if the landlords or tenants don't feel it.

I enjoy going places mostly through the photos I take. 
It makes it more enjoyable seeing things this way...and in person.
The shots sort of reinvigorate the experiences. 

I will load the photos to the aheadgraphics a bit. 

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  1. I know what you mean about being attracted to a building from a photography point of view, but having an uneasy feeling about what it's like on the inside. I like everything about the shot up Findlay Street. I like the framing of the telephone pole and the wires. I like the depth of the street ending in the colorful buildings with the hills beyond. I think composition is the biggest part of a good photo and you definitely have it here, in my opinion.

    And yes, the shots can keep the experience alive for a long time; usually make it better for me.

  2. I feel the same way because obviously if I did not have those photos that we took when visiting other places, I am sure I would not remember everything. As it is, I regret not taking so many shots of people or of us. My husband just talked last night at a dinner about some people that have totally slipped my memory. Love the coloring in these pictures, they are really lovely and I like abandoned and desolite buildings or even a street that is not quite so safe.


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