Friday, November 30, 2012

Lutheran Church of the Ascension
Just a thought... 
There seemed to be something to look at no matter where we walked here in Savannah...I like it when the area can hold my attention or draw me in to look closer through the lens.
I can imagine how pretty this Church is on the inside. I do know there is beautiful stained glass behind the altar.  The street was quiet at the time; this is located on Wright Square. (I just love all the squares in this city!)

There was some sort of construction going on.
Now that - is irritating for sure. Nothing like nice orange cones in the shot! I think that is a big complaint of mine...wires - cars and so many other things obstructing my view!

Oh well...I guess I need to just look past all of that.

I probably should go back and get another shot - maybe from the front?

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  1. well, they add 'color' if someone likes to see it as it really I would have to get rid of the cones to the point that I would actually physcially move them before taking a shot and then put them back, hehe. They would bother me for sure. But nevertheless, I do like the picture.

  2. We have all had that feeling of our 'perfect' shot being ruined by something or someone. I've gotten so, in general, I like wires in urban shots. If there's something that drives me crazy, I usually try to clone it out or blend in a texture to minimize it. You drove home a point here that is universal with us photo seekers. I like the white of the church; don't see that often.


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