Saturday, December 1, 2012

arc welding
Stopping time....
well, that is pushing it a bit.
In a split second I could capture this image.
Nothing remarkable but none the less interesting.
These are just plain shots of an arc weld. 
Nothing has been done to them - just the shot from the camera...oh, I may decide to do something fun with them...until that time they are just "as is."

My husband was curious if I could capture the power of this machine...I ended up taking a ton of shots in his shop...odd but then again. That is me. Hmmm....I have a lot of tools and metal to work with now...

Here are a few more...

arc weld with bokah!

masked !!

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  1. These are sooooo COOL!!! I can just imagine you fiddling with your camera settings. Fascinating subject matter and highly interesting visually. I absolutely love your curiousity and adventurous nature.

  2. I would have never even thought of taking a shot of some welding though I must say these are fabulous.


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